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Here's What People Have Said About Foundation Ministries Courses:

The following are actual statements from students who have taken Foundation Ministries classes. Each of the following students took the indicated course in their own church with Pastors Dr. Jack & Nancy through the invitation of the local Pastor of that church.

Dr. Jack & Nancy taught at A 
Marriage Conference in Nutley, New Jersey

The marriage teaching was very rich  
and was followed by a dinner at  a beautiful banquet hall.

Testimonies From Other Churches

It was great to see you both again.  I really enjoyed the class.  This class more than any other I have ever taken gave me a real appreciation for the authenticity of the Bible as the "Word of God"; and the high improbability of the Bible being written merely by men.  Seeing the correlation between the history and the prophecies and even the sub-groups of Psalms was a real eye-opener for me.  I feel better equipped now in being able to point these things out to others who doubt the Bible as God's word. . .   P. G. - Springfield, ALWC.


"We enjoyed your teaching so much these last 8 weeks.  You enriched us with the Word of God.  We also loved seeing you and talking with you."  P. & J. L., Nutley ALWC.


"Dear Pastor Jack & Sis. Nancy,

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love for "our Lord". . . Your classes were not only enlightening but truly enjoyable.  May God continue His blessings upon you both and your family . .  J. R., Springfield, ALWC.

From Married Couples Ministry, Abundant Life Worship Center, Nutley, NJ

"Thank you for blessing us . .  As always your teaching was anointed & inspirational for all who attened.  We love you much ! - Elder Lou / The Married Couples

Testimonies From Whippany New Jersey

I would like to . . . express my deepest gratitude to Pastor Jack Fucci for taking the time, and extending the effort to teach this class.  I have learned a great deal from the teachings and understandings that Pastor Jack has communicated over the past five weeks, and I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank him for his diligence, encouragement, and steady effort to break down complex teachings into east to understand components, especially when dealing with such a challenging subject matter. . . I am so very appreciative for this class, and for the way Pastor Jack utilized the text, various film strips, and a wealth of informative handouts. . .  I believe that I am now better equipped and able to handle the challenging questions and pointed comments peers and loved ones may hurl my way regarding evolution . .  I know even studying the subject of Christianity and Modern Science in such a short period of time has made a tremendous impact upon my life . . .  I now continually look for opportunities to share my thoughts about creation with others . .to win souls for Jesus Christ. . .  A.C., Whippany, NJ



"I thoroughly enjoyed your class.  [The textbook] was awesome.  I plan on passing it along to some of the faculty member of my university."  . . K. D.


"Thank you for all your time and sacrifice in teaching us in this class!  I truly enjoyed it and looked forward every Thursday to attending your class!  I learned so much and it became so clear how ridiculous the theroy of evolution really is and how magnificent our God is!!  I like your sense of humor, it always made me laugh!  Thank you also for the beautiful songs you and Sister Nancy sang to us.  May God bless you both abundantly in all areas of your lives.  You have really blessed us!  . .   M. V.

From Abundant Life Worship Center, 
Patterson, NJ

What a blessing it was to have you both here!  Our leadership has truly been inspired and challenged...and God is moving in our midst.  Hallelujah!   -VL Patterson ALWC

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God"
(2 Tim. 3:16)

Foundation Ministries is convinced, and presents evidence that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant and inspired Word of God.  "The Truth shall set you free" (John 8:44)

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